January 04, 2018 2 min read

Bruce Kessler who achieved a second place at the much colder RedBull Ragnarok earlier this year recently entered the Blade Runner Cup in Talamone, Italy. Read his full report here:


Bruce Kessler: “I competed at both the race and Big Air Contest. There was very light thermic wind, perfect for the 20m Aero. We did three races at on the first day. At the first race I struggled a bit at the start and finished with a 13th place. The second and last race of the day I achieved the 9th and the 7th place. The second day of the contest 6 more races were held and a spectacular Big Air Contest.


Again light winds

The second race day again started with light wind conditions so I prepared my 20m Aero and claimed the 8th position in the first race. During the second race, someone in front of me crashed forcing me to jump over him, leaving me to body drag to my board for quite some time losing my good position in the race and to finally coming in 13th.


The wind picked up, so I took the 17m Aero and came in 7th place. Then again a crash in front of me, I couldn`t avoid it and also crashed. I decided to continue the race. I went to the beach and changed to the 14m Aero because the wind was getting stronger. It was a good decision! The last 2 race went perfect for me, I could finish both with a 6th place and I was close to the top guys. So I ended up with an overall 8th place. The Aero worked very well I always had good speed and a good angle but made too many mistakes. I still need to improve a lot in technique and tactics. But for the first race, I`m very happy with the result.


Big Air contest

After the race we began the Big Air hydrofoil Contest. The wind was still good for the 14m Aero. The Contest started and everyone began to jump. We had 15min to show all our tricks and I began with a backroll onefoot. It was a good feeling to land it with the crowd on the beach starting to cheer for me. That motivated me to go bigger, so I did and stomped a backroll boardoff and then a frontroll. After that I was told I was in the lead. But it didn`t stop me for showing off more tricks and I ended the contest with my favourite trick on the hydrofoil, the Backroll Rodeo. I won the Contest and as a result am motivated to do more competitions on the water next year. But in the immediate future, I will focus on the snowkite season wich starts soon.