Where to snowkite?

January 14, 2018 3 min read

Where to snowkite?

A question we hear often is; where can I ride? Anywhere really! Just not on the commercial ski pistes! The perfect place for any beginner to look for is farmland, in winter the fields are covered with a thick layer of snow providing you with a great playground, do make sure you ask permission first though! Frozen lakes are also awesome to ride, whether ice or snow they provide enough open space to have a blast. If the ice is clean you could even use ice skates!

 Hills & mountains, here is where things start to really be fun, having a snowkite is like having your own personal ski lift that enables you to ride uphill. Hills and mountains also require a bit more skill to safely navigate, the rougher the terrain the more tricky things can get so before heading up those mountains make sure you have your skills sorted and prepare accordingly.

Below you’ll find some of the best snowkite locations! The fourth will surprise you!

1 Norway (accessible/expensive/wildlife/variety and great amount of spots)

A country full of valleys between deep fjords and high mountains, glaciers, frozen lakes covered with snow and let’s not forget the beautiful women. In other words, snowkiter’s paradise. Norway offers unlimited snowkite spots with a varying terrain, perfect for different kinds of diciplines in snowkiting. Most of the spots are very accessible thanks to the great infrastructure and maintenance during snowfall. One of the most famous locations is the big plateau named Hardangervida. The downside of this snowkite destination are its expenses. Norway is compared to other destinations relatively expensive.

 That same area is home to one of the most extreme snowkite events out there: the Red Bull Ragnarok

Snowkiting in Norway: expect an open playground, steady winds and some hills. Picture by Zoutfotografie

 2 Iceland (expensive/less alternative activities/wildlife/great amount of spots)

Iceland is known for its majestic landscapes, sprawling tundra’s, glaciers, the Northern Lights and geothermal lagoons. With the second biggest ice cap of Europe called Langjökull, strong winds and the astonishing backdrop of volcanic mountains, Iceland offers one of the best snowkite conditions in the world. However, you need to book a flight if you’re planning to snowkite in Iceland. Despite the unique experience Iceland will deliver you, it will be costly.

Snowkiting in Island Don’t expect crowds but do expect incredible views.

Potential snowkite rides, as far as the eye can see.

Snowkiting in the mountains, experts can reach the highest peaks.

4 Montenegro (cheap/quiet spots/variety of landscape/alternative activities/festivals)

Montenegro is relatively cheap in comparison with other snowkite countries and, therefore, attractive for people with a small budget. The country delivers some fascinating landscapes with incredible snowkite spots. Since Montenegro is quiet new amongst snowkite destinations, there’s unlimited snow for few people. For those whom prefer an affordable yet, beautiful snowkite destination, make sure to have a look at Montenegro. Lift Up kiteboard events organises a incredible affordable trip. An incredible snowkite trip of a week with snowkiting action, accomodation, breakfasts and dinners and parties goes from 371 euros per person!

 Go to www.liftupkiteboarding.com to find out more

Kite heaven excists and can be found in Montenegro: ulitimate access

5 France (accessible/reasonable pricing/limited snowkitespots)

Like Switzerland, France is very accessible for most European countries and offers some perfect snowkite spots such as the Lautaret pass and Petit St Bernard in view of Mont Blanc. Unlike the previous countries, France is relatively cheap with regards to consumptions, accommodation and alternative activities. Even though the snowkite spots are well known amongst snowkiters, France provides all you can ask for to have good time.

The France Alps, defining new lines in the mountains