Airush AP Control Bar

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Airush AP Control Bar

  • Minimalist bar focusing on pure function and durability.
  • Can be size customized to specific rider demands.
  • Heavy Duty Flying Lines.

The key philosophy of the AP BAR was to create the most minimal design possible that focuses purely on function and bomb-proof durability. As freestyle and wakestyle riders, these philosophies are crucial for equipment that is constantly being used and abused while riding hooked or unhooked.

The AP Bar features a 19mm reduced diameter bar that enables the rider to maintain a solid grip through the most power moves and landings. As this diameter bar is fully customizable, the bar can be cut and adjusted to meet a smaller width if needed.

Although the bar comes stock with a medium sized chickenloop for everyday riding, the AP Bar included an easy to install XL chickenloop strictly for unhooking. A shorter bar throw with a clean freestyle trim strap system gives the AP bar enough range while still remaining function. While doing big kiteloops or pop and slack tricks, it is essential for lines to be as strong as possible. With the AP Bar, a 400kg tested line with extensions has been installed to make this bar extremely durable and versatile.

Progression: 24m Total = 1m Leader Lines + 9m Dyneema line(10m) + 14m Dyneema Line Extension

Core Bar: 24m Total = 24m Total = 1m Leader Lines + 20m Dyneema line(21m) + 3m Line Extension

Core Cleat Bar: 24m Total = 24m Total = 1m Leader Lines + 20m Dyneema line(21m) + 3m Line Extension

AP Bar: 22m Total = 1m Leader Lines + 19m Dyneema Line (20m) + 2m Dyneema Line Extension

Diamond Bar: 24m Total = 1m Leader Lines + 23m Dyneema Line (24m)


The Airush Bars have safety as the first priority. An industry standard Brain quick release and color-coding on all parts makes the Airush system perfect and hassle free for all riders. New for the Brain 3.0 is a redesigned below-the-bar swivel making it extremely easy to grip and untwist the LOW-Y front flying lines while riding or stationary. A new safety line swivel enables the safety line or 5th line to be easily untwisted.


The PU coated depower line makes sheeting in and out effortless with reduced diameter tubing. This PU coated line extends the lifespan of the centerline, increasing the reliability of all Airush bars.


The Low Y System allows for a single front line flag out system providing a safe way of killing the power of your kite. Along with improving safety, the Low Y also increases the angle of the front lines, avoiding unnecessary pinching or folding of the kite. By doing so, the wingtips become looser and move more independently, greatly increasing the maneuverability, turning speed and response of the kite.


The 19mm Diameter Grip, featured on the Diamond and AP Bar, is perfectly comfortable for smaller hands or for riders looking to do constant handle passes.


The new Hard lines featured on the AP Bar include a 400KG breaking strain. Extensions provide a 22m or 20m options allowing the rider to customize their line length to their own style.


Approved by World Champion, Alex Pastor, the Freestyle Trim Strap is the hassle free system featured on the AP Bar. This trim strap removes all unwanted flapping parts, for riders doing freestyle or wakestyle tricks.


A new freestyle leash designed with our team addresses and fixes some of the major problems that unhooked riders experience during their sessions. An overall longer length leash makes multiple passes and throwing the leash over-head even easier. The use of a larks-head attachment onto the chickenloop or 5th line replace the usual metal hook which prevents unwanted openings or breakage that can occur during missed tricks. It also is a lot easier on the riders’ hands when grabbing. Lastly, the end of the leash features a swivel to easily unwind the leash, which prevents coiling, and breakage.