Navigator Kite Control Bar V5

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Centrix Depower loop for LEI & Twinskin kites

Nearly two decades of kiteboarding experience has materialised into the Navigator controlbar. At Peter Lynn we understand that your kiting experience heavily relies on how well your bar works. This is why the Navigator bar is designed to be as clean as possible without making any compromise in safety and user comfort.


Main design characteristics


Strong and durable – all connections are extra durable, no heavy loads on plastic materials & little amount of sliding parts.

Smooth – all connections are made as smooth as possible flying lines are free of extra parts that can get caught or tangle.

Simplicity – no excessive parts, no complicated systems & easy to replace parts when needed.


The Navigator is available in four sizes, each offering the best bar length combination and corresponding line length of the supplied flying lines.



42cm bar

18+3m flying lines


52cm bar

21+3m flying lines


52cm bar

32+3m flying lines


62cm bar

24+3m flying lines


A free spinning chickenloop, PU coated depower line, ergonomic EVA foam grip, removable lock in pin and soft bar ends all add to your kiting experience.



Kook proof line connections

Knots and loops to indicate front and backlines.

Clean line distribution

Egg shaped line divider without moving parts

Neoprene covered power adjuster

Comfortable even when wet power adjuster above the bar

PU coated depower line

Tough poly urethane coating to prevent wear on the depower line 

Smooth center hole

Guaranteed snag free bar travel 

Soft bar ends

No more bruizes while handlepassing or other painful encounters 

Free spinning Chicken loop

Easily untwist your lines after one too many backrolls 

Removable lock in pin.

To make unhooked and surf sessions safer and more convenient

Colour coated flying lines

The Pre-stretched Dyneema flying lines are PU coated, besides providing the line with maximum protection, this also allows kiteflyers to see at a glance which line is which.

Safety leash included.

All Navigator bars include a safety leash as standard