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Leopard V3 Freeride Foil Kite

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The Leopard is built for riders who need power and versatility to constantly push their riding to new heights. It has been specifically designed to offer the purest snowkiting experience in an open cell depower foilkite.

To ensure you get the best out of every session we have made the Leopard into a fast flying, quick turning powerhouse with a large usable windrange that delivers its performance in a reliable and controllable way.



The Leopards medium high Aspect Ratio design makes it a very fast kite down the line but also offers an insane upwind drive. The kite delivers its power in a smooth and controllable way and feels light as a feather on the bar even when blazing upwind. The Leopards speed and upwind drive lets you cover a lot of ground fast and easy.


The Leopard features a full stop safety to ensure safe landings or safety releases even in tricky situations. As the safety line acts like an extra bridle which is connected to the sides of the kite, pushing the safety release makes the kite pull into a compact bundle, immediately eliminating 100% of the kite’s power.


The Leopard has been designed to be your personal ski lift, its high performance profile is tuned to give you the agility and power to tackle any slope. Next to that it offers plenty of boost and float for some freestyle moves and smooth landings.


In contrary to most other depower foils the Leopard is very well behaved when pulling the self-landing handle. Where other kites lose their shape and start twisting uncontrollably the Leopard simply powers down and backs down to the ground.


By using the knowledge gained from the Aero we have been able to further refine the bridle. This new bridle configuration offers a spectrum of advantages; a smaller turning circle which makes it easier to loop the kite, better responsiveness throughout the kite’s windrange and a lighter, nimbler feel on the bar.


This fine-tuned bridle also has the kite sit further forward in the wind window, which results in less sideways pull and higher forward speed. It also means less stress on your arms and legs when riding at extreme upwind angles or up steep mountain faces.

This increase in efficiency makes the kite more powerful per size while its light weight construction and quick turning make the kite excel in light wind.

As safety is paramount in any high performance depower kite we have incorporated a new ‘stop and go’ safety system, which guarantees 100% depower even in tricky conditions and a no hassle re-launch. The system can also be used to safely launch and anchor the kite if you need to take a break.

To make high performance available to intermediate riders and experts alike, the Leopards medium to high AR is built to be as stable as possible in whatever winds nature throws at you.

The V3 Leopard is a Med/High AR, open cell depower foil with a 5th line safety, its lightweight construction makes for a great low end while its stability inspires confidence even in more turbulent situations. The kite’s responsiveness and high flying speed make for an exciting ride every time you go out to play or head out to explore the backcountry.

The Leopard is delivered in a technical backpack that’s fitted with options you’d expect on an expedition pack and there’s more than enough room for your thermos bottle and some food.