Return and Refund Policy

Different reasons for a return:

You want to return the product because you are not happy with it and you want to make use of your right of cancellation; return within 14 days and all costs of return are at your own expense.
You have a complaint because an error occurred in the process (false product or damaged/inferior product); submit your complaint within 14 days and if justified all costs of return are at our expense.
You have material flaw after use of our product; warranty claim period is six (6) months and if justified all costs of return are at our expense.


You may recall within a period of 14 days and without the obligation to indicate any reasons for your recall. Please fill in the return form and return the goods to us in the original package and with all of the packing components of the package. It will be clear that the product is not used at all when it is returned. Please send the goods back in a carton suitable for transport which will protect the goods from transport damage.

Return shipments can only occur after our prior consent and at the expense of the buyer. Please ensure that you return orders with sufficient postage. We recommend that you inform yourself about the delivery costs at the post office versus different delivery services, so you can find most affordable and convenient delivery service for your return. Returned packages with insufficient postage will not be accepted. We recommend sending returns via registered post as we do not accept responsibility for lost items. The return postage expense is your sole responsibility and Vliegerop will not reimburse you for any expenses including customs and duty charges.


If you’re returning the product due to a mistake of ours (like sending the wrong color or size) or the product is damaged/inferior, of course you’ll be reimbursed the delivery cost. Simply fill in the the return form and we will contact you by email as soon as possible.

Please check to see how much it would cost you to return the parcel yourself. We can then decide if you should send it back yourself or if we will organize a collection for you. Of course, if we ask you to return it yourself, we will refund the delivery costs after receipt of the product should the reason for return turn out to be a fault of our own. We recommend sending returns via registered post as we do not accept responsibility for lost items.

Complaints must be submitted immediately upon receipt of a delivery, or immediately after a fault has been – or in fairness could be – ascertained. If there are visible faults (which have not been specified in the information of concerned product), any claims must be in our possession within 14 days of receipt of the goods; if in fairness the buyer was only able to ascertain the fault at a later date (= hidden faults), any complaints must be in our possession within 14 days of ascertaining the fault. The complaints should occur by accurately stating in writing the complaint in the return form.


We warrant that our products will be free of major defects in material or workmanship to the original purchaser, for a period of six (6) months from the date of purchase by the original retail customer.

The warranty is valid only when the product is used for designated purposes c.q. kiting activities. Unfortunately no kite or related product is indestructible and therefore we must exclude the following:

Normal wear and tear
Any rips, scratches, punctures or any other damage caused by foreign objects
(Salt) water, sand and sun/UV degradation of materials.
Damage caused by improper set-up or handling
Damage caused by misuse, abuse, hard crashes and or impacts, lack of maintenance, neglect and user error.
Use in commercial, rental or teaching environments.
Damage caused by use in waves or shore break.
Exposure to excessive heat or cold
Improper storage
Damage caused by anything other than defects in material and workmanship.

The warranty is void if:

any unauthorized repair has been made to the product
any alteration and or modification has been made to the product
the product is used in combination with non Peter Lynn products, causing damage or failure

Beside this you must be the original owner of the product. To claim your manufacturer’s warranty fill in the return form.

When we received the details we will look at the problem and let you know if it makes sense to send the product back. This process saves you the frustration of paying for a delivery, just to find out the issue is not covered by warranty.

Please keep the postage receipt when returning your package; in the case of the package being lost in transit, the receipt will be required for tracking purposes. We will only assume responsibility of the package when it has arrived at our warehouse. You will be informed by email as soon as we have received it.

Return regarding the right of cancellation: shipping costs are at the expense of the buyer
Return regarding a complaint: we will refund the shipping costs after receipt of the product (please check the costs and wait till you have our confirmation)
Return regarding warranty: if the warranty is accepted we will refund the shipping costs after receipt of the product (please wait for our confirmation)

Please allow up to 7 days for returns processing (for warranties it might be 3-4 weeks)