Converse Epoxy Classic Surf Style Board Maximum Snap

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Converse Classic Surf Style Board Maximum Snap

  • Dedicated down the line shape.
  • High rocker design for maximum snap.
  • Narrow width for maximum control.

The Converse is Airush’s dedicated down the line shape, developed without compromise to destroy any wave you put in front of it. Remain true to it’s roots for over a decade.

The high tail rocker works together with the three quarter hip section and the rounded pin tail to maximize maneuverability, enabling massive off the top snaps and tight driving bottom turns. The higher entry rocker through the nose enables the Converse to t vertically into the steepest wave section.

When setting a rail in a bottom turn or driving a more powerful full rail top turn, the narrower nose width pulls the nose around just when you need it..

As the longest of the Airush surf range, the additional rail length enhances stability at speed, making the Converse ideal for bigger and down-the-line waves, while the narrower width also suits high wind conditions.

5’11” (181cm) | 18.00” (46cm) | 2.0” (5.1cm) | 22L
5’11” (181cm) | 18.75” (47.6cm) | 2.1” (5.3cm) | 25.9L

Custom Epoxy

The Custom EPS construction blends a classic surf style, with the premium Ecoboard construction and our advanced core technology.

We start with a medium-density EPS core (35 Kg/per m3 , for the tech heads) developed from our premium fused EPS technology. When using a single skin construction a denser core is ideal, specifically in the thinner lower volume boards, such as the Converse.

Covering the core, the laminate has been extensively reinforced to deal with the demands of kiting with up to five layers in the standing area, and a final layer of Innegra under the heels. Innegra is the lightest fiber commercially available (lighter than water) and can dissipate tremendous amounts of energy, making it ideal for high impact areas.
Custom EPS offers the ex and feel characteristics of a classic surfboard, with the increased durability of the kite specific construction. All custom epoxy surfboards include footstrap inserts.

With Footstrap Inserts Straps, Traction Pads and Fins Sold Seperately


Designed as the down-the-line board for larger waves, the Converse focus on a high tail rocker and narrow outline relative to width for maximum turning.

1: Curve in the hip and tail area for maximum snap off the top.
2: Most tail rocker for turning and control.
3: Narrowest width for high speed turns and control.
4: The wide point on the Converse is further back to keep the board loose and responsive.
5: Longest length for most control at speed.
6: Most nose rocker for vertical surf.
7: Narrowest nose to pull the nose around in top turns.
8: Tail - 1.5mm Single concave/Blending to 1mm Panel V. 
9: Mid - 2mm Single concave.
10: Nose - 1mm Single concave.
11: Fine performance rail.


Sustainable Surf is excited to welcome Airush Kiteboarding as the newest brand to join The ECOBOARD project. This innovative kiteboarding manufacturer focuses on environmental and sustainability projects as one of its key ideologies. This step reflects the growth of the ECOBOARD Project into new markets and to a wider global audience and ocean-minded community.

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