Core Foil V2 Complete

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CORE FOIL V2 Complete

  • All new modular design.
  • Unique freeride wing designs for stability and speed.
  • Low drag fuselage and plate.

Designed to take you from your first steps in foiling to advanced freeride. The Airush Core Foil features our high stability, low drag wing design, on a redesigned fuselage with a low profile plate mounting as a standard option.

The modular design can be configured with different length masts, board mounting systems and wing configurations to suit your riding level and personal preference. The vertical mast configuration to 9 x 16cm plate is compatible with most standard boards and can be configured with a Tuttle System if required.

The 60cm mast is ideal for learning or riders who prefer the shorter mast and can be easily swapped out to the 80cm mast as a more standard freeride configuration.

The standard freeride wing set is ideal for everyday use while the high lift wing set has been developed for lower speed applications such as learning, wave riding and extreme light winds.

No matter what your level or riding conditions, the Airush Core foil delivers versatile performance for everyday use.

Aluminum Mast Range

The Aluminum Mast Range provide 4 different sized options to meet riders levels and styles of riding. The standard 80cm comes with the Core Foil Complete but can be changed to bigger or small sized masts with simple 3 bolt attachment to the mast and fuselage.


The streamlined connection plate absolutely minimizes any drag when you get going or touch down, while creating a solid connection to the mast. (Production In Color Black)


The 12mm slots enable micro trim adjustment not being used in a track system, while the open ends make the plate much quicker and easier to fit, when being used in a track system. (Production In Color Black)


The Anhedral front wing with horizontal tips, creates stability, specifically when carving, by preventing side slipping and improved ventilation correction.


The Dihedral rear wing, creates stability, while minimizing drag while keeping the rear wing out of the turbulent wake of the front wing.

Optional High Lift Font Wing (1000cm2)

The High Lift Wing is an optional item which creates a faster lift at slower speeds. Ideal for entry level riders and riders who are looking for more of a playful, carving, and surf inspired ride.


The unique ultra streamlined fuselage absolutely minimized drag while maximizing stiffness, while the flow dynamics minimizing any oscillation you would find in a round fuselage resulting in increased stability. (Production In Color Black)


The updated trimable rear wing connection allows the trim angle to be quickly adjusted to compensate for the lift requirements for different rider levels, personal preference and when using different wing configurations.


The Triple Bolt connection located on the top and bottom of the mast work in conjunction with the chamfered slot connection for a bombproof connection while enabling a quick switch out between mast options.

Foil Bag Included

Included in the Core Foil (80cm) Complete set the Foil Bag is perfect to keep all of your foil components and spare parts in a single bag. Featuring padded outerwalls and padded internal compartments to protect the foil parts. Can fit all masts (excluding 95cm) and wing components.