KHEO Core V2 Kite Landboarding Mountainboards

The Kheo Core is an entry level board. Ideal for younger and light weight riders. In comparison to e.g. the Kheo Kicker the deck of the Core is somewhat narrower, which ensures easy handling and nippy turns. It is a budget board yet with good quality components and materials, perfectly suitable to explore any land- and mountainboarding discipline with ease.


The deck is full canadian maple and equipped with Kheo C2 bindings, durable and comfortable with velcro straps for easy adjustment to the desired riding position. In combination with 10mm All-round skate trucks and 8″ wheels, makes the Core a complete and affordable landboard.


Recommended for riders up to 70kg.


Kheo Core Specifications

Overall Length: 99cm

Deck Length: 85cm

Weight: 5.6kg

Bindings: Kheo C2 Velcro

Trucks: 10mm All-Round Skate Trucks

Tyres: 8inch Diamond Tread

Wheels: Five Spoke Standard

Bearings: R6 RS Abec5

Deck: 9 Ply Canadian Maple (22º tip angle)

Hardware: Stainless

Accessories: Tool Kit and instructions